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We are close, committed, we love cooking, creating flavors, we are honest, we look for our own ingredients, we are healthy, conscious, we work with familiar hands, we take the time to create delicious apilados and we serve them with love and dedication.

Cocina Justa S.A.S

  • Our purpose

    Reach people's hearts by creating deliciously healthy flavors that can be enjoyed without guilt and that are within everyone's reach.


  • that's how we do things

    Our menu is constantly evolving, we prepare each food meticulously, seeking a correct balance between health and well-being. We like to work with familiar hands, using local, agroecological and seasonal products, although we are also happy to serve the best from elsewhere, such as salmon.

  • Homemade

    We take the time to make everything at home, because we believe that food tastes better when it is prepared by familiar hands.

  • fresh breads

    Baked daily using sourdough, long fermentations and traditional techniques, our breads provide great nutritional benefits, as well as a correct balance between flavor and well-being.

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When we think of soft drinks, we believe in achieving a correct... 

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